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​100 Elk

I had over 100 ELK inside my fenced yard which only one acre.  they destroyed my shrubs and lawn. had two spark-away's fastened to my garden card so I could move it different locations.  Once I put two Spark-Away units in my driveway pointing at each entrance, the (elk) would turn and go back heading for the neighbors.  Only damage now is a  little gravel spun up from them digging out...  P.A. Folks, WA.  p.s. it also seems to help keep the door to door people away LOL 

Spark-Away II AC

​​Deer and the Pear Trees: Two nights ago the deer tried to get to my pear trees, the spark away went off ( the tree is only five feet from the garden deer fence ) scared them so much as they did not try to go over the fence they broke right through a section ( which has never happened in 29 years ) bear in mine the fence was heavily wire tied ) and they jumped out the other end. Spark away works. Pears are now safe.  E.D. Williamstown, NJ. 

​​​​​​​​"Spark-Away gave me back my yard! We were prisoners in our own home!
Spark-Away solved my problem - of bears on my porches and in my waterfall, eating my 20 yr old koi, and pushing on doors & windows. They were getting in the dog enclosure, to the point that we were practically prisoners in our own home! After years of trying various ways of repelling them (from fox urine to activating car alarms). Spark-Away is the only thing that was truly effective. The loud crackle and ozone scent, sends them running away. Now they remember and stay away. Peace has returned, thanks to Spark-Away! I highly recommend this product. It is genius!" .   CK, Asheville, NC

Spark-Away II Solar for CANADA

Spark-Away II with Solar - $99T

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​​​​​​​"Otters Destroyed My Boat!"

"For over 20 years I have tried to keep river otters off my dock & out of my boat. While cute they are destructive animals. After having over $2,000 damage to my boats interior I redoubled my efforts with nail strips, moth balls, tin foil etc. There is no power to my dock so electrical devices were out until I found Spark-Away with solar charging. The results were immediate. I now actually enjoy watching the otters swim to my dock, slowly climb up & pow, the Spark-Away detects their movement & goes off. The otters react as if someone shot at them. So far, weeks of a clean dock and boat. Thank you. H.L.G , B.C. Canada

Spark-Away II Solar
Spark-Away II AC for CANADA

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​​​​​"Coyotes and Bears - I had a very severe problems with coyotes and black bears coming to our home day and night .We had bears coming on the front porch tearing down bird feeders and containers where we kept bird feed. SPARK AWAY was recommended to us and we obtained a unit from the manufacturer and installed it easily.   I watched the porch the night after installation and another few days. An adult bear came on our porch and the SPARK AWAY  started sending out electrical pops that promptly put the bear on the run. That bear was not seen again but a bear sow with 3 cubs came up during daylight and they promptly took off away from the arching of the SPARK AWAY.  I highly recommend the SPARK AWAY UNIT be used to deter damage and danger of bears and other wildlife from around your home. A friend uses a unit to protect his bee hive successfully. R.A. Sylva, NC

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​​​​When Spark-Away detects an animal, it creates a bright 'spark' and a loud 'crackle' which simulates lightning and scares the animal away:  Bears, Deer, Elk, Otter, Raccoons, Fox, Cats, Coyote all run!!!!   

Spark-Away has a 30 foot,120 degree detection range and is Solar Powered  (Or AC Version)

​​​​​​​​​​​Deer Ate my Apple Trees"
I live on a 7 acre hobby farm, and we have an abundance of deer, bears, and raccoons that are always a challenge in the orchard.  I recently planted a new apple, and it was immediately stripped of all its leaves.  I set up the Spark Away, and, just as quickly, new leaves came back.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the post it was on anchored well, and the unit fell and broke.  It took the critters less than a week to come back.  When the company owner emailed to check on how I liked the product, I admitted my carelessness.  He very graciously sent me a new unit at no charge at all!  I am back to winning the battle of the orchard again.  I would give this product  5 stars for effectiveness, ease of use, and low impact environmentally.  It does exactly what it’s supposed to!  SB, Mills River, NC

Animal Deterrent - More Effective Than Ultrasonic, Lights, or Water Spray

Simulates Lightning with a Loud Spark


Coyotes No Longer on the Prowl - My backyard is a National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat. I have sixteen bird and critter feeders in my backyard, which is located along a creek. Along with birds, the bird feeders attract squirrels, chipmunks, possums, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, and river otters. Coyotes recently moved into the surrounding area and use the creek behind my house to travel discretely to my property and surrounding properties to search for prey. I have tried every highly rated animal deterrent device on Amazon to keep the coyotes off my property, but nothing worked. I installed Spark-Away along the creek and the coyotes disappeared to my delight. T.M, Farmington Hills, Michigan